Tour de India Holidays

  • Location : ERODE, INDIA

  • Employee Size : 2


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Company Profile

Company Name Tour de India Holidays
Designation Managing Director
Contact Person Prabhu D
Employee Size 2
Company Address 123, Sengodampalayam, Perundurai Road, Thindal
Country India
City Erode
Businees Year 2014

Company Overview

We are always unique by providing premier adventure and diverse tour packages.

The tourism industry has undergone rapid growth of unsurpassed nature over the last several decades. This has mainly been due to the advent of a 'borderless' world and increased information dissemination about the majestic sceneries throughout the world, with the entire region being no exception.

Tour de India Holidays is poised to take the advantage of growth and moderate competition in the city travel portion of the industry, with a dedicated and experienced staff, excellent networking, and effective management and marketing. We intend to provide travel and adventure packages to tourists primarily from all the regions. Services and products provided by us will initially include prearranged tours, custom packages according to client’s specifications, travel consultation and as time progresses making reservations for lodging, travelling and other related services.

Vision - To appreciate mother nature through informative briefings and contributing towards the development of a sustainable competitive advantage by engaging the right people in the right place at the right time and ensuring nature's optimum growth in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Mission - To create and nurture a healthy, exuberant, respectful and enjoyable environment, in which our services are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the service we intend to provide by ensuring customer satisfaction.

Approach - Our core values are Honesty and Transparency, on which all our relationships with customers have been built upon year after year. We never compromise on promise and quality. Customer delight and maintenance of good will are much more foremost to us, than profits.

Reservation Details

Reservation Name Prabhu D
Reservation Mobile 9095522744, 909
Reservation E-Mail tourdeindiaholidays@gmail